Thursday, March 5, 2009

blogging oh blogging, I hate (and love) you , you stink.

Oh blogging, one of my favorite past times since 2003.
I've been blogging about my trials and tribulations since the summer of 2003. I was in the midst of my high school teenage angst years and was looking for an outlet where I could let off some steam. Sometimes I hated it, sometimes I loved it but overall, I think we've been good to each other. Back then blogging was all the rage and was easily facilitated through Xanga and other various programs. It was one of the ways that my friends and I could communicate after school ( I still did not have a cell phone). From 2003 to 2005 my first blog, presents a chronicle of the latter years of my high school life. But after 2005, blogging took a back seat and I guess you could say I became a "slow blogger". I only blogged when I had something important to say and had thought about it over and over again. Back then my very small high school followed each other's blogs and commented on one another's writings. Now, my blog has become a lonely place, rarely visited. Those who use to follow me, are no longer close to me or have just disappeared into the thin air of the college years. I really enjoyed blogging, it was a great way to express myself and not really have to worry about everybody looking at you. (At least here, when everybody was looking at you, they were miles away and behind a computer screen) Even though I stopped blogging after high school and during the first year of college, I decided to begin blogging again in 2006. I don't think I was blogging about anything important that would change anyones life, but I always felt that blogging was a way of recording one's life.

Though blogging disappeared from my life momentarily, it always seemed to have kept a hold on me. In my most recent years, I have been following a variety of blogs from fashion to technology and have gained a great deal of knowledge from each of them. It disappoints me when I read an article that says blogging is dying because I feel like a good amount of my time on the internet is spent reading blogs. I hope that blogging does stick around and make it through this ever evolving technologically savvy world because through blogs I have opened my eyes to the multitude of knowledge that is hidden in every corner.

I will now leave you with one of my famous blog posts from the teenage years...

"hey its thursday hahahahah. Stimpy has nice hair thank you sonali for pointing that out hahaha. well im here at luch its borning and i dont want to to go get lunch becasue theres a hell big line damn i saw stimpy in the hall haha he looked at me
so happy ahhaha well thats all maybe ill write later ok well bye"


david silver said...

you've got quite a history with blogging, all the way back to xanga!

nice post. it's interesting to see how blogging has changed for you (and for others) over the years. including the high school post is classic.

Sonali Maulik said...

That was back when quality blogging still existed...these young people have no idea.

Elisa said...

true that home girl/kung fu. Someone has to teach these kids what blogging was really all about.