Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can you see me?

In my Digital Media production class with professor Silver we are creating digital media content with different programs, like facebook, twitter, flickr, etc and using our real name when we create it. But the fact that we are exposing our true identities has caused some controversy with other professors. Here's the link to my professors blog and all the comments that he has received about allowing us to create the content with our actual names . I also left a comment defending the fact that we are using our real names when creating content through these programs and how it actually is benefiting us.

"I'm also a student in this class and I think it's great that we get create something with newer technologies like facebook, twitter,, Flickr, etc. We all consented to using our real names and had the choice to leave if we were not comfortable with the idea of exposing ourselves to the public.
Yes we are putting our personal information out into the Internet exposing it to the public but we obviously are comfortable or at least becoming comfortable with idea of doing this. We are taking the risk that everything that we are putting out there can come back and haunt us later on but I don't think that what we have produced through this class and will continue producing will hurt us professionally or personally, if anything it will help our careers and allow us to become even more comfortable with exposing ourselves and our work to the public"

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