Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm a big kid now

Now that a new year has started I have tons of things I'd like to do this year and here is my list, just so I have it written somewhere and I don't forget

1. Learn how to take semi-good pictures
2. Get chris to teach me how to use the 4x5 camera
3. Continue work on my first documentary
4. Hide from the world less
5. Talk more
6. Attend concerts that I buy tickets for (last year I bought a lot of tickets and went to only 2 concerts)
7. Learn to get over my fear of picking up the phone
8. Call my sister more often becuase I sure do miss her sometimes and her crazy stories
9. Play more video games
10. Write in this blog and not delete what I've written.
11. Start writing again
12. Stop wasting time and get a job
13. Stop buying things I don't need (becuase I did not have to buy the peticure for my cats nails, plus it would have probably sanded their poor paws off)
14. Get an internship (prefferably at Revision3 but i'm not going to be picky)
15. I'd like to start two kung fu's and a persian podcast again.

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